Monday, February 15, 2010

Which gift is which?!

That's the trick!
See all the gifts posted in the sidebar - you will have to hit each store to find them all. :)
Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.
And no, they are in no order!
<3 SLC

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hunt List

Ready, set, GO!
All the shops are finally ready! w00t!

If there's no hint listed - the gift is very easy to find.
Don't forget to thank the merchants for their hard work!
And THANK YOU ALL for hunting! :)

Two hearts to find.
Hint: Among the flowers.
3. #Before Sleep#
Hint: I lost my heart down by the water (over the boxes that are a dollar).
4. *RezIpsa Loc*
Hint: Go talk to Hannah about it. :)
5. **Hatter is Mad & H.I.M. FashionLife
Hint: Big fish little fish swimming in the water.
6. Vicarious Vitae
7. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
Hint: Close the door to keep me safe.
8. Sterling Artistry
Hint: The thought of love makes me all quivery like jelly.
9. .:Pandora Hearts:.
Hint: It will make you grow.
10. Siren's Song
Hint: Hearts are warmed by the hearth....inside and under the stairs...
11. DiamondDee's Decor Delights
Hint: Us hearts group together.
13. Serenity In The Sun Designs
Hint: My heart is so shy.
14. .:CoLLisions:. Mainstore
15. --o-o- Chained Heat-o-o-
Hint: Feed me and I live...give me a drink and I die. Near this your heart lies.
16. AIDORU Creations
Hint: This heart is above the rest.
17. :KC: Hair
18. Joe's Ink
19. Pannie's
Hint: Love on the rocks.
20. *Lurve* at Grettony Village
22. ~*~Felicia's Fashions~*~
Hint: Picture perfect kind of love.
23. ChiChickie! Headquarters
Hint: Up up and away...
24. Sour Pickle
Hint: Tweens need love too.
25. Earthly Delights

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hunt Application

Hello Vendors!

Applications are now being accepted for this hunt until December 1st! Please fill out your application and return it to Shamrawk Bailly no later than December 3rd. Late entries will not be accepted!

The Classic Love Hunt will from February 13th to the 28th ! The theme is 'Love' (obviously!). We want each vendor to create something unique and originial for this hunt that falls within the theme. Try to think outside of the box if you have difficulty coming up with ideas for the theme. You should offer a gift for both men and women, or a unisex gift that can be enjoyed by all!

All applicants will be considered. But, we ask that this be a hunt for original content creators ONLY. No clubs, resale vendors or malls, please. Upon acceptance you will be invited to the Gridwide Hunter's Group. Please be aware that not all notices sent will apply to you. You will need to watch for Classic Love Hunt Notices. Also - questions should be aimed at either Shamrawk Bailly or Sarahlin Constantine via notecard.

Your Full Name:

Store name:

Do you make your own content? (yes or no) :



If you have a CSR or someone who can answer questions when you're not available - feel free to type their full name here:

Again, PLEASE complete and return this app to Shamrawk Bailly by December 3rd!

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future!

Sarahlin Constantine and Shamrawk Bailly
Coodinators of Classic Love Hunt!

Hunt Sign